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Cover up dead trees with an eye-catching and modern modular screen display

The owners of this house had invested in a contemporary garden that was focused on high-quality products and materials, teamed with innovative and modern design – but a key task was to cover up some damaged trees behind their fencing.

Alongside solving the view of damaged trees with our screens, the new build homeowners had focussed on relaxed seating around the garden, teamed with areas finished with resin-bound surfacing from CORE LP and a high-quality CORE LAWN artificial grass to provide a truly modern feel to their space.

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Install core ten garden screens a top the timber fence

The customers chose to incorporate some gardens screens on top of their timber fence to hide the damaged trees. The combination multiple Cor Ten weathered steel zebra screens provided a modular design across the fence that hid the trees and created a really impressive feature that aligned with the look of their modern home.

Hides unsightly trees, adds privacy and combines well with other modern design features in garden

The choice to use a modular screen design on top of the fencing allowed the customers to hide the unsightly damaged conifer trees in a really attractive and modern way.

Alongside the rest of their garden features, the screens were able to fit in perfectly with their garden design – leaving them with a really impressive feature that solved an issue for them at the same time.

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